Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello and welcome! To get things started, take a look at this quote by Bishop Hermann of St. Louis:

This is a great time to wake up from our slumber of simply calling ourselves Catholic, and wage war against the forces of darkness in ourselves first and then in our culture, a culture which is resting on the premise that God does not exist.

Our actions and our lifestyles have to radiate the inner presence of Christ in the home and in the marketplace.

This is a glorious day and a glorious opportunity for any follower of Christ! We need to recover our Catholic identity, and we can do it!

(the whole article can be found here)

That's why I started this blog - I believe the blogosphere can be of great help in recovering our Catholic identity. It is my hope and my prayer that this blog play a part in the recovery, by bringing together as much Catholicity as I can. I encourage you to leave comments and lead me and any who might read this to more things Catholic. I'm not proposing that this is the first blog to attempt such a feat, so please let me know of any others with a similar goal that we might be united. Good luck and God bless!

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