Monday, August 24, 2009

Mother's Song

This is an AWESOME song by a girl who was in the same household, the Handmaids, as my girlfriend Amy. For those who don't know, households are Franciscan University's version of fraternities and sororities. The artist, Kelly Pease, is a Catholic musician with at least one album out. This is the only song of her's that I've heard. I know a lot of specifically Catholic music doesn't make it mainstream, but I really feel like this song could be huge. The Handmaids have adopted this song as their "household song" for obvious reasons, as you'll soon see. The lyrics are posted below the youtube video.

I will hold and I will love Him, until He's big enough to walk
And even then I''ll pick Him up, and I will teach Him how to talk
To say the words that will save, all the people of every nation
I will feed the flesh, that will bring about salvation.

And when He kisses me goodnight, I'll be living my reward
Be it done as you have said, I am the handmaid of the Lord.

I will walk these roads behind Him, and I will follow where He leads
I will beam at His good works, and I will love the mouths He feeds.
I'll be a mother to my Son, and a mother for the world
If You can set them free through Moses, then You can do it through this girl.
And when He brings the dead to life, I'll be living my reward
Be it done as you said, I am the handmaid of the Lord.

Lord is this what you've called me to, to watch Him lose His life?
I am bending, but will I break? How can I just stand by?
All of heaven be with me now. He's my only Son.
Help me pray that prayer with Him. Father, let your will be done.
And when He walks that lonely road, my heart will go with Him
And when He falls my spirit dies, and when He bleeds I hate this sin
And when He utters those last words, and when He finally hangs His head
I'll be planted in the ground, my whole life my soul is dead.
But I will stay here at this cross
Where He brought you your reward
Be it done as you have said I am the handmaid of the Lord
Be it done as you have said I am the handmaid of the Lord.


Sara said...

When Elizabeth and I went to World Youth Day in Cologne with a group from Franciscan, Kelly and another musician from FUS led all the music for our own masses and adoration etc. She is very talented and I'm glad to see she is still singing. I'm going to see if I can get her CD in at the bookstore.

Kenny said...

Wonderful song. Wonderful voice. Glory be to God.