Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm back...sort of

I know my thousands and thousands of readers are probably irate that I have not posted in such a long time, but I have returned! At least temporarily. I unfortunately do not have convenient access to the internet and when I do I am pretty busy. Here is a post to hold you over though until I can post again.

Here is a sign (or assurance) of God's goodness. When I first came to Georgia, I was told that the Georgia State Parks could provide housing but I was told that the house was completely empty - no furniture, dishes, nothin! Thankfully I knew my sister would be nearby and I really felt that this was the place that I needed to be to set myself up for finding a job. So here I am in Georgia and expecting the bare minimum - imagine my surprise when I find out that my house has not one, but two beds, three couches, a large chair, and a big screen TV!! And the kitchen even had dishes and some pots and pans. It may not seem like much but if you consider what I was expecting it's a lot. Needless to say, I was elated. I felt that there was where God was calling me and I trusted in Him and I believe that I have been rewarded.

A little info on what I'm actually doing here in Georgia. For 4 days I am able to stay with my sister and her family which is unbelievable and such a blessing. I love being around them and the children and getting some good "parenting practice"! The other 3 days I stay at Red Top Mountain State Park and any give day work at one of 4 parks/sites. Red Top is in charge of running three surrounding sites - 2 Civil War battlefields and an Indian Mound site. What I'm actually doing is considered "historic site management" but is even broader than that. The guy who I'm interning for is an interpretive ranger/resource manager who sets up programs for groups at all the sites. We do things like "junior ranger" programs, nature programs, colonial period programs, etc... I'm able to help him setting up and leading these programs. Right now I spend most of my time at the Indian Mounds leading tours for school groups. At one of the battlefields I actually got to take part in a reenactment and fire a cannon! It was pretty awesome. So that's kind of what I'm doing in a nutshell.

For my birthday Amy bought me an excellent book called The Quiet Light about St. Thomas Aquinas. The book is a historical novel not so much about St. Thomas but about the time period and features St. Thomas. It's an excellent way to learn about the time period - what was going on politically and religiously - and obviously about St. Thomas. Definitely a "once you start reading you won't want to put it down" book.

Another book that I've only started to read but which I love already is Fulton Sheen's Three to Get Married. I think it would be a great book to read in conjunction with Theology of the Body.

Hopefully this post finds you all well and in good health. God bless!


Sara said...

Marcus- I think you would like this blog...The League of Bearded Catholics (TLBC-that is Tolkien, Lewis, Belloc, Chesterton). Took me awhile to get that. Hope you are having a good day...everyone misses you up here. We have missed your blog so thanks for the update. Take care, Sara S.

Laura said...

Sounds great. I'm glad things are going so well. Hopefully something will turn into a full-time job for you!
God Bless.