Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catholic Instituions...ACT CATHOLIC

My uncle from California called me today to let me know about these Catholic schools in D.C. that will be shutting down and transformed into charter schools. Apparently attendance was so low the diocese had no choice. Our conversation eventually turned to other Catholic schools and how many of the students aren't Catholic. I think that many parents of non-Catholics sends their sons and daughters to these schools because they recognize them as good institutions - places where they will develop important values and get a good education. Nothing wrong with that. If a non-Catholic goes to a Catholic school and comes away with nothing but a firm moral foundation then good for him or her. The problem lies in the fact that often these Catholic schools try and cater to the non-Catholics a little too much. Eventually that catering causes a loss of Catholic identity. We've seen similar scenarios everywhere - it seems the world is obsessed with not offending anyone but at the expense of compromising their beliefs. What I don't agree with is the parents of these children know they're sending them to a Catholic school, so why should the school go out of its way to ensure these kids aren't offended by having to go to mass? If they don't want to go to mass then don't go to the school. It comes with the territory. This policy of appeasement isn't going to work; at least not if we intend on preserving the Catholic Identity.

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