Monday, March 9, 2009

The Human Experience

Last night on campus they showed the Grassroots Films documentary/movie The Human Experience. The premise of the movie is difficult to explain; two brothers, both from a rough background, decide to experience what life is like for the 'hopeless' - homeless, unwanted, lepers, etc. By secular standards, these people shouldn't even bother to live anymore for they have nothing that would make them happy - no big house, no fancy cars, no money... Yet miraculously they choose to get up every morning and continue their existence. Why? After the movie two of the main guys involved in making it (including the main 'actor') were actually at Franciscan for a Q&A. They said they're working to get the movie in theatres and then to DVD. If this movie comes out in a theatre near you all I can say is that you must see it. I can't imagine someone watching this film and not being changed. The trailer here is a little misleading as to what the movie is really about but still gives you a pretty good idea. Enjoy

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