Friday, March 27, 2009

Richard Rolle's Passion Prayer

This is part of a Middle English song written by the 14th Century English hermit Richard Rolles. The sound of the Middle English is really beautiful, so try and make your way through it. And keep in mind that every letter is pronounced in Middle English.

Jhesu, receyve my hert, and to thi lufe me bryng;
Al my desyre thou ert, bot I covete thi comyng.
Thow make me clene of synne, and lat us never twyn;
Kyndel me fire within, that I thi lufe may wyn
And se thi face, Jhesu, in joy that never sal blyn.
Jhesu, my saule thou mend; thi lufe into me send,
That I may with the lend in joy withowten end.
In lufe thow wownde my thoght, and lyft my hert to the;
My sawle thou dere hase boght, thi lufer make it to be.
The I covete, this world noght, and for it I fle;
Thou ert that I have soght - thi face when may I see?
Thow make my sawle clere, for lufe chawnges my chere.


Jesus, receive my heart, and bring me to thy love;
You art all my desire, but I covet thy coming.
Thou make me clean of sin, and let us never separate;
Kindle a fire within me, that I may win thy love
And see thou face, Jesus, in joy that never ceases.
Jesus, my soul thou mend; thy love into me send,
That I may dwell with thee in joy without end.
In love thou wound my thought, and lift my heart to thee;
My soul thou dearly has bought, thy lover make it to be.
Thee I covet, this world not, and from it I flee;
Thou art that which I have sought - thy face when may I see?
Thou make my soul clear, for love changes my cheer.

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