Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Perspective Mirror (working title)

While driving home today I suddenly had what can only be described as a "moment of brilliance." I conceived in my mind the perfect mirror. I know, it sounds lame but bear with me. It would be comprised of two parts, the first, on the left hand side, would be an image of Jesus lying on top of the cross on the ground. His head would be towards the bottom. Kneeling next to him with arm outstretched towards the second part of the mirror would be a Roman soldier. The second part would be the actual mirror. Here's where it all fits together - coming from the mirror portion and towards the Roman soldier's outstretched hand would be another hand (and presumable a portion of a body) holding the nails for Christ's crucifixion. So when you look into the mirror, your face will be on the soldier's body who is handing the other soldier the nails! Whenever you look into the mirror it will put things in perspective, hence "The Perspective Mirror." I'm new to inventing but I'm pretty sure this is an awesome idea. I can't imagine that there would be universal appeal for this item but all proceeds could be donated to charity. If any one can work up an image of this somehow let me know and send it to me.

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Laura said...

An interesting concept, although I have to agree with you about the limited universal appeal!
God Bless.